Open Positions

We don’t have specific open positions right now, but are preparing to recruit soon. Rather than apply as a stranger then, get in touch now. We’re always looking to hear from people who would be interested in working with us in the future, and are happy to have informal conversations.

Drop us a line at [email protected]

What it’s like to work at Convivio

At Convivio we’re not remote, we’re free-range. We don’t have a central office and we all work from home. We encourage flexible working. Read more about working from home at Convivio.

We’re a self-managing company, we all have a high-degreee of ownership over our work environment, process, and output.

We’re open and transparent, and believe in doing things right. We’re the first digital agency to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark.

We offer unlimited holiday, expenses, equipment and training budget, and more freedoms — with peer review rather than management authorisation.

We focus on designing and building digital services — helping large government organisations improve how they serve the public. A lot of our clients are based in London.

Our values

  1. Healthy

    Putting people first, looking after ourselves and others, looking long-term, working sustainably. Working with integrity, being honest and frank, being ethical, earning trust. Doing the right thing.
  2. Professional

    Developing our talents and tools, asking great questions, having high standards and ensuring quality. Achieving excellence. Doing things right.
  3. Ambitious

    Growing ourselves, our knowledge and our expertise. Constantly seeking to be better. Aiming higher. Thinking long term. Change the world. Do things big.
  4. Delivering

    Focus and momentum. Meeting the expectations of others. Getting things done.
  5. Sharing

    Extreme transparency, amazing communication, brilliant collaboration, being open with our work, being consultative, and spreading success. Doing things together.


We’re always looking to hear from people who would be interested in working with us in the future. Drop us a line at [email protected].